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The Psychodynamic
Approach for

To fully appreciate the psychodynamic approach
and its potential benefits, it really needs to be
experienced. Having said that, here are some
pointers as to what it is about and what it might
mean for you.

First of all, it considers that establishing a good
therapeutic relationship with the client is a
priority. It obviously needs to feel safe enough to
talk about difficult issues.

This counselling approach has an emphasis on
the way we relate to each other, both in the
present and also in the past. This relational
aspect makes it a good therapy for both
individuals and for couples.

Psychodynamic therapy is a 'talking cure,' as one
of Sigmund Freud's patients called it. Putting
things into words can help to untangle and make
sense of them - part of the process of finding
meaning in our lives.

The past may still have an influence for us in the
present - maybe outside our conscious
awareness. We may also uncover unconscious
conflicts within ourselves that are keeping us
stuck in our situations; or perhaps causing
problems in our relationships.

This exploration may help us get in touch with
the more creative parts of ourselves, broadening
our perspective and seeing more possibilities for
the future.


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What kind of issues?

The psychodynamic approach is well suited to a
wide variety of issues in counselling, including
relationships, anxiety, depression, stress, anger,
bereavement and other forms of loss, adoption
issues, substance misuse,identity and gender
issues, trauma and abuse. It can be used for
individuals and for couples counselling.

It is also considered a safe and helpful way of
working where difficult or traumatic events from
the past are still haunting us in the present.


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Psychodynamic links

The Freud Museum London - This was the
Freud family home in Hampstead, where
Freud lived and worked from 1938. See his study
and couch; plus information,events, conferences
and more.





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