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Couples counselling and relationship therapy

You may wish to engage in couples therapy with your partner; or you may prefer to have indivudal counselling focusing on relationship issues.

Couples counselling

Couples work may focus on specific issues affecting a relationship; or it may be about general help in improving a couple's ways of relating with each other. Often ways of communicating can be a central focus, but many issues can be addressed within this form of therapy.

It can be helpful to have a safe space to begin to talk about issues that are difficult to discuss with loved ones. There can be a space to talk and also, importantly, a space to also listen to each other.

I am now offering couples counselling through video calling, (Skype-like) sessions. Fees are £60.00 per session. They can be paid for through this website using a secure PayPal link on the Services page.


Relationship therapy

As an individual, you may want to come along for help around relationship issues. In many ways, any kind of counselling or therapy includes looking at how we relate to each other. The psychodynamic approach is well suited to relationship work.

Fees are £45.00 per session for indivuduals. As for couples counselling, sessions can be paid through the secure PayPal link on the Services page.




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